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About Eco-Village Lepakshi

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Tread into the nature’s lap

India's first and only 100% Eco-Village with Eco resort with a fully natural swimming pool and a conference facility. Resort is managed on eco-principles and renewable energy is generated on site. Close to Bangalore, India's IT centre "Our Native Village" is set in serene, rustic surroundings with plenty of fresh air and village ambience. Traditional village games and bullock cart rides, swimming in a natural pond and massages to ease your senses are all offered on this beautiful property.

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Our Story

My life is always defined by the childhood memories I carry with me, the pristine lakes, the green hillocks, the fruit bearing trees, the cattle grazing grasslands, the butterflies, the birds, the bees and the coterie gossiping away about the daily affairs of the village. All of this today are a distant memories. Till I laid my hands on this vast piece of land at Lepakshi (Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh) a ninety kilo meters from Bangalore.

The Place

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