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1. Labor Servie Terms & Conditions Client means: the one who hire the labor. Labor Contractor means: The one who supply the labor.   Payments DEPOSITS Client shall deposit 3 days of bill amount for labor supply, with the labor contractor bank account. The following deposit shall be considered as a non-refundable deposit. The following deposit amount shall be adjusted only at the time of final settlement. LABOR SALARY The “labor salary” shall be paid by client to the labor contractor on a regular basis of every 3 days of interval (every Wednesday and Saturday before banking hours). In-case of any delay in the payment of the “labor salary”, with the immediate effect the site concerned labor work shall be stopped without any notification. Safety and Facilities LABOR SAFETY The client shall provide all safety equipment and safety wearables to the labor, before the labor starts the site work. The client shall make sure the labor is well equipped at the time that they are working on site and on a daily basis. FACILITIES Client shall provide minimum facility to labors on site such as: Drinking water, Minium refreshment two times per day, wash room, Shelter for lunch break, etc... Client shall provide a shed for stay with basic facilities, if the labor is staying at site. Client shall provide transport/transport charges for travel, if labor is travelling up and down on daily basis. Un-Bearable Events on Site ACCIDENTS Client shall provide Insurance coverage to every individual labor that works for the site. Major injuries: Client shall take care of all the other necessary medical expenses, if in case the medical expenses are not met in the insurance made by the client as per “clause-III, 1, a”. Minor Injuries: Client shall provide first-aid kit to treat minor injuries of the labor on site, if incase labor is in need of medical support client shall provide the expenses of the following minor injuries. DEATHS If in case labor cause death due to the accident on site client shall take the complete responsibility. ACT OF GOD If in case labor’s cause of death is due to the “Act of God” on site the client shall take responsibility as per Laws and Constitution of INDIA.

1. Labor Terms and Conditions
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